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School-Parent Interaction App
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Communicate Faster

Realtime messaging for your school parents. Send message in a group, Individually

Calendar & Events

Live calendar for important events such as Annual Day, PTM, Holidays, Field Trips etc

Tracking Transport

Live tracking of school Bus and its movements


Instant attendance information is shared with parents



Send text, photos, PDF & newsletter. Send Assignments, Home work instantly. SAVE PAPER, TIME & EFFORT


Log your suggestions and complaints online and resolve them instantly


No contact number is shared, maintaining security


send message in groups



What our customers say

  • School PTM is the safest and easiest way for educatiors to connect and collaborate with student, parent and each other

  • The cost of communication has been reduced significantly

  • Through school PTM, the parent complaints are resolved 80% faster

  • The cost of printing the circular, notice, assignment has been significantly reduced

  • The best thing about the app is it doesn't reveal teacher's phone no. thus maintaining privacy. Keep up the good work


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